Did you ever wonder how people achieve their goals? We’ve all seen Olympic athletes, Musicians, Artists, and folks like Steve Jobs achieve challenging feats. How do they do it? Does something set them apart from most of us?

Asking yourself a question helps boost motivation more than a simple self-affirmation.

 In other words: “Will I exercise?” works better than “I will exercise.”

Do you want to acquire the persistence to aim high? Follow these steps to improve your motivation and help you to overcome obstacles.

Step 1

Identify your goal, being as specific as possible. Do you want to lose weight to fit into a favorite outfit, feel healthy, or look great (or maybe all of the above)? Are you looking to earn extra income for a dream vacation, a night out in town, a new car? Or maybe you’re itching to organize an overflowing closet?

Step 2

Determine why you want to achieve this goal and envision the end result. When you are fit, will you enjoy increased stamina and strength or feel satisfaction from onlookers’ admiration? Will you find excitement in traveling to a new place? When you find things easily in your closet, will you feel satisfaction in finding what you want easily and being able to close the door without pushing it to shut? Motivation has to be at first empowered in once own mind.

Step 3

Write your goal and vision down. Writing down goals that tend to lead to more successful results than simply thinking of them. When you commit your goals to paper and you are able to look at them daily, you’ll remain focused on the desired outcome, particularly if it’s a goal that will take some time to achieve. No matter what you’re striving for, there will be challenges along the way. Writing down your goal and keeping it in sight will keep you moving toward accomplishment.

Step 4

Create an encouraging atmosphere. Every challenging journey has its setbacks. Surround yourself with supportive people and environments. Stay positive and intent on your goal. As Sir Edmund Hillary put it, “Almost anything has its moments where you have to overcome considerable challenges, and if you’re able to overcome those challenges, you feel a great sense of satisfaction. Recognize setbacks for what they are and stay focused. Your journey is as important as reaching your goal.

Step 5

Take Responsibility for achieving your goal. Recognize and accept that you are the only one who can get you where you want to be. Remember: You can do it, and as you take your goals seriously, so will those around you.