I’m only 22, yet I’ve been living my whole life, sad, “depressed”, I never understood why, waking up to do what we do every single day just to do what we are supposed to do, go to school, go to work make money blah blah blah, then going back home to simply be caught in the trap of  going to social media, to see other people with amazing lives and envy them.

Life is not about doing what other people want you to do, but doing what you love doing, having a reason to wake up every morning, to inspire others,

To do what you love that is what life is about, we as humans are too afraid of pursuing what we love, we are afraid of failure, afraid of what other people think, get caught in the society trap on how we should do things on how we should live.

Please remember that you have one life, if you don’t take risks you will never be truly happy.

The people that tell you not do it, or that tell you what you should do, they are happy because you are doing exactly what they want and not what you want, so do yourself a favour, stop living other people’s dreams, and start living yours.

Please ask yourself this: would you rather live a short happy life or a long miserable one?